Dr. Annu Navani


Annu Navani, MD is the Advisor of Le Reve Regenerative Wellness, the leader in evidence-based, cutting-edge holistic, aesthetic and regenerative medicine therapies. She is also Founder and CEO of Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center that offers interventional and multidisciplinary spine, musculoskeletal and orthopedic care.

Dr. Navani is an Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor at Division of Pain, Stanford University School of Medicine. Dr. Navani completed her Anesthesiology residency from Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee and fellowship in Pain Medicine from the University of California, Davis. She is board certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine by American Board of Anesthesiology, in Interventional Pain by American Board of Interventional Pain Physicians and in Regenerative Medicine by American Board of Regenerative Medicine.

She sits on the board of California Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (CALSIPP) as well as California Society of Industrial Medicine and Surgery (CSIMS). She is the recipient of the Outstanding Achievement Award from the American Association of Interventional Pain Physicians, The American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin and The Postgraduate Assembly in Anesthesiology.

Her clinical and research activities involve spine and orthopedic biologics with special interest in application of biologic therapies for restoration of structure and function of disrupted discs. Her vision is to forward the field of regenerative medicine and interventional pain by rigorous research in biomedical engineering and cellular regeneration in an effort to offer it as a standard treatment to create a functional and fulfilling life for people.