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Dr. Annu Navani M.D.

Annu Navani, MD is the Advisor of Le Reve Regenerative Wellness, the leader in evidence-based, cutting-edge holistic, aesthetic and regenerative medicine therapies. She is also Founder and CEO of Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center that offers interventional and multidisciplinary spine, musculoskeletal and orthopedic care.

She has extensive publications in the field of Interventional spine and Regenerative medicine and has contributed via several peer reviewed journal articles, visionary editorials and book chapters.

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Dr. Padmashri Srinivasa M.D.

Padmashri Srinivasa, MD (Dr.Shri) is the Medical Director of Le Reve Regenerative. Wellness, the leader in evidence-based, cutting-edge Holistic, Aesthetic and Regenerative medicine therapies. Dr Shri specializes in Hospital medicine, Emergency medicine, Regenerative Medicine and Bariatric (Obesity) medicine and offers her services through various hospitals.

Dr. Shri completed her residency from Atlanta Medical Center, Atlanta GA, received fellowship certification in Aesthetics and Anti-aging from the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine, San Diego, CA and board certification in Family Medicine and Obesity Medicine.

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Dr. Joshua Chrystal, NMD, DC

Dr. Joshua Chrystal focuses on natural physical medicine and rehabilitation as well as sports medicine. He has a passion for preventative medicine and cares for patients of all ages. Dr. Chrystal uses the latest research and tools to help direct his patients to greater health, mobility and wellness.

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