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    PRP Skin and Hair

    Our body has an unlimited capacity to repair and heal itself!

    If you want to minimize your fine lines and wrinkles without surgery, or grow more hair on your scalp, with all-natural, made-in-your-own body restorative proteins, then PRP facial treatment or scalp treatments at Le Reve Regenerative Wellness Center may be the right answer for you.

    Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) facial or scalp treatments use human growth factors extracted from your blood to help with regeneration and restoration of tissues.

    While dermatologists have only recently started using PRP facials, orthopaedic doctors have injected PRP to heal injured joints such as ankles, knees and elbows for many years. It’s a tried and tested medical procedure with a long history of excellent results. It is to be done by trained medical professionals with an active license only.

    That means you can now get natural-looking results without the need for a costly, invasive surgical procedure. So when you think you’ve tried everything and you’re wondering: “What’s the best facials near me?”, or how can I get my hair to grow back naturally, then consider the outstanding results we help patients achieve with PRP at LeReve Regenerative Wellness center.

    What do PRP Facial and scalp treatments involve?

    Put simply, the PRP facial is an anti-aging procedure that uses your own blood to help promote the healthy activity of your skin cells.

    We combine PRP with microdermabrasion to enhance the results with your own platelet-rich plasma – derived from the serum portion of the blood. These platelets contain growth factors that help to stimulate rapid cell replenishment and rejuvenation of healthy cells.

    Result: A youthful fresh rejuvenated YOU!

    (Individual results may vary. PRP is not for everyone. The information contained in this blog is not intended to replace a consultation from your physician).