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    PRP Spine and Joint

    PRP stands for platelet rich plasma. Human blood has a number of hematological components including red blood cells, white blood cells, serum and platelets. Platelets are very important for clot formation. They stick to each other and form a blood clot. Medical research has found that platelets also contain a number of chemicals and proteins that are involved in wound healing. When platelets are activated they release these components collectively called “growth factors.” When blood cells are separated from blood, the resulting fluid is called plasma. Processing of plasma can concentrate the platelets and their corresponding growth factors. This concentrated solution is then mixed with a buffer and anticoagulant and injected into the injured tissue to promote healing. In essence, the doctor concentrates the patient’s own healing factors and then injects them back into the injured area. This approach is very different from using anti-inflammatory medications and steroid injections which decrease inflammation and the healing response. This procedure is done as an outpatient under sterile condition.