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    The Team

    Dr. Annu Navani

    Dr. Annu Navani


    Dr. Navani is the Medical Director, Clinical Applications and Research at Le Reve Regenerative Wellness, a leader in cutting edge restorative and regenerative solutions for Spine, Orthopedics and Musculoskeletal conditions. She also serves as an Adjunct Clinical Faculty at Division of Pain at Stanford University.

    Dr. Navani completed her Anesthesiology residency from Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee and Fellowship in Pain Medicine from the University of California, Davis. She is board certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine by American Board of Anesthesiology, in Interventional Pain by American Board of Interventional Pain Physicians and in Regenerative Medicine by American Board of Regenerative Medicine.

    She sits on the Editorial board of the journal, Pain Physician and serves on the board of the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians, The Ortho Biologic Institute Networks, Latin American Pain Society, California Society of Industrial Medicine and Surgery and California Society of Interventional Pain Physicians. She is the recipient of the Outstanding Achievement Award from the American Association of Interventional Pain Physicians, The American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin and The Postgraduate Assembly in Anesthesiology.

    She has extensive publications in the field of Interventional spine and Regenerative medicine and has contributed via several peer reviewed journal articles, visionary editorials, and book chapters. Her book, “Essentials of Regenerative Medicine” is first in its right illustrating latest interventional biologic techniques for spine and musculoskeletal injuries. She has also been instrumental in authoring several National Guidelines including the ones on Opioids, Interventional Spine Epidural procedures, Facet joints, and the first ever on the Safe and Effective use of Biologics in Lumbar spine. She is an influencer and an authority on global health care trends including digital health, technology innovations and applied biologics.

    Dr. Padmashri Srinivasa

    Dr. Padmashri Srinivasa

    Padmashri Srinivasa, MD (Dr.Shri) is the Medical Director of Le Reve Regenerative.

    Wellness, the leader in evidence-based, cutting-edge Holistic, Aesthetic and Regenerative medicine therapies.

    Dr Shri specializes in Hospital Medicine, Emergency medicine, Regenerative Medicine and Bariatric (Obesity) medicine and offers her services through various hospitals in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Dr. Shri completed her residency from Atlanta Medical Center, Atlanta GA, received fellowship certification in Aesthetics and Anti-aging from the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine, San Diego, CA and board certification in Family Medicine and Obesity Medicine.

    She is on the Executive Committee of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin and has been a former vice chair for the Department of Medicine at Regional Medical Center of San Jose, CA.

    She is the recipient of the Andrew Stewart Memorial Research award for her research work in residency and has won the “Physician with the Best Bedside Manners” award from Atlanta Medical Center.

    Her clinical interests are focused on Women’s health , Regenerative and Restorative medicine to prevent disease, restore health, preserve vitality and enhance wellness.

    Her vision is to forward the field of Regenerative and Bariatric medicine through research and cutting edge therapies that can lead to a healthy, beautiful and a balanced life.


    Dr. Joshua Chrystal

    Dr. Joshua Chrystal

    Dr. Joshua Chrystal NMD, DC is an author, lecturer and practitioner. He focuses on natural physical medicine, rehabilitation and sports medicine, as well as aesthetics, weight loss and holistic natural medicine. He has a passion for preventative medicine and cares for patients of all ages. Dr. Chrystal uses the latest research and tools to help direct his patients to greater health, mobility and wellness. Dr. Chrystal’s focuses on minimally invasive interventions utilizing the latest methods in naturopathic, aesthetic and regenerative medicines. 

    Dr. Chrystal feels the key to success with these and all therapies, is to optimize patient comfort and tailor the treatments to the individual. Dr. Chrystal was trained as a Chiropractor before continuing on to Naturopathic Medical School. Dr. Chrystal worked for years as a personal trainer before, during and after his undergraduate education. A seeming natural fit, he attended and graduated with high honors from Southern California University of Health Sciences, earning his first doctoral degree and the title of Doctor of Chiropractic.

    Wanting to incorporate more specialized therapies to enhance his patient’s wellness inside and out, Dr. Chrystal decided to further his education by then going to Naturopathic medical school in Arizona. He graduated with high honors from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, earning his second doctoral degree and the title of Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine.

    This diverse training and experience, allows him to bring to his patients an integrated and unique combination of effective therapies to address the whole body to meet his patient’s needs and expectations.