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    Nutritional Therapies

    Doctor and patient considering nutritional supplement therapy

    The body’s requirement for nutrition is often not met by the standard American diet. Modern farming practices as well as our busy life styles have led to an abundance of nutritional deficiencies in the average person. There are many common conditions and medications that affect the way we absorb our nutrients. IV Nutritional therapies supply your body with supra-physiologic doses of various nutrients that can help to restore normal levels to the cells in your body. This method is safe without having to worry about gut absorption issues, as the nutrients are delivered directly into your circulation. This method allows faster recovery and repletion than oral supplementation alone. IV Nutritional Therapy has the ability to work immediately and can help with general wellness, immune support, detoxification as well as conditions such as fatigue, chronic headaches, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and more!