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    What a pain in the arm!

    Lateral epicondylitis, or more accurately, lateral epicondylosis (aka Tennis elbow) affects millions of Americans. This condition generally manifests with soreness, sharpness and/or a burning type pain on the outside or “lateral” aspect of your elbow and forearm. Patients will often complain to me of pain while opening jars, twisting a screwdriver, carrying objects or even brushing their teeth. Most often a corticosteroid type of injection along with various physical therapy modalities is the first line treatment in an attempt to decrease pain and inflammation. However, many patients complain of their pain and dysfunction returning after weeks to months. This condition is treated exceptionally well by RIT (Regenerative Injection Therapies). Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is one such method. For this treatment, we draw out your blood and spin it down in a special centrifuge. This method allows us to separate the blood into 3 layers. From here we collect a concentrated form of platelets in the liquid portion of the blood known as plasma. Platelets and plasma contain growth factors and stem cell attractants that initiate healing. When you cut yourself for instance, it is the platelets that go to the area forming a clot to stop the bleeding. These same platelets release their growth factors and initiate the healing process to cause cellular repair of the tissue. With PRP we can use your own body’s natural healing processes to heal chronic injuries such as lateral epicondylitis. If you or someone you know is suffering from this condition, come in today to be evaluated to see if you are a candidate for this revolutionary type of treatment!

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