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    08 Sep

    Reclaim your lost sleep from Technology!

    Our ever increasing exposures to blue light, WiFi, 4G, radio waves, and electricity can result in major sleep disturbances in ourselves and our children. With all this technology, is it no wonder that we are more stressed and less rested than ever before?Here are some simple tips to help reduce the effects of technology on your sleep, and help you wake up more rested and ready for the new day!


    1. Turn on the Nightshift mode on your phone or tablet. 


    The blue light emitted from your device screens has been shown to suppress melatonin and interfere with circadian rhythms. The Nightshift mode on your iPhone or iPad reduces the amount of blue light exposure to limit its effects in the evening.


    2. Wear blue light blocking glasses.


    These are glasses with special lenses that filter out blue light. Holistic health practitioners across the country are wearing them in the evening and feeling the effects of more restful sleep. You can check out truedark.com for some choices


    3. Don’t sleep on your phone. 


    So many of us sleep with our phones under our pillows or right next to our heads. Unless your phone is in ‘airplane mode,’ it’s sending and receiving electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) which have been shown to interfere with sleep patterns. Make a habit of either putting it in airplane mode or placing your phone across the room prior to hitting the sack.


    4. Move your router away from your bedroom. 


    The same goes for your wireless router, which is emitting EMF’s constantly. Place your router in a room which is far from your major living areas (such as a basement storage room) and definitely keep it away from your children’s rooms!


    The effects of EMF’s on sleep are just the tip of the ice-burg. Time will tell what the onset of 5G will do to us!


    For now, scan around your room for the culprits and do all you can to reclaim your lost sleep.

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