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    01 Sep

    Tips to Prevent Mask Acne from Occurring

    I’ve had many adult patients complain of “breakouts” / “pimples” in the past few months!!

    Mask acne (also called “maskne”) is becoming a common issue for many patients

    Wearing masks for long periods of time combined with stress and other factors are creating an outbreak of acne across the country. So what can you do about it?

    Here are some tips to help prevent and treat the dreaded maskne:

    1. Wear less makeup:

    Makeup can combine with humidity under the mask to create breakouts. Reducing the amount of makeup you wear can help prevent pimples from forming. The less makeup you wear under the mask the better!

    2. Wash and replace your masks:

    Bacteria can grow inside masks, then get transferred to your skin. Washing cloth masks and regularly replacing disposable masks (every day or 6-8 hrs of use) are a must.

    3. Cleanse your face every night to clean off the day’s worth of grime, oil, makeup, and pollution:

    Not doing so will clog your pores and definitely increase your risk of breakouts.

    4. Try acne stickers:

    New pimples are caused by multiple factors, one of which is inflammation. Several companies create small adherent pads that can be placed over the pimple overnight to reduce redness and help shrink it down. HERE is one to check out on Amazon.

    5. Use a retinoid:

    Retinoids like Retin-A and retinol are great for preventing acne. They increase cellular turnover, reduce inflammation, and can even help smooth wrinkles. If your acne issues are severe, I recommend prescription-strength Retinol after consulting with me at LeReve Regenerative Wellness Center.

    6. Take your mask off every once in a while:

    Humidity can build up inside masks (especially N95 masks), so taking it off and allowing your skin to be exposed to air can be helpful in reducing maskne. Just make sure to do it when you’re not in close proximity to someone!

    I hope these simple tips help you reduce your risk of maskne!

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