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    10 Mar

    Summer over, time to change skin routines!

    OK, now that summer is definitely over (so sad!), it’s time for us to change our skin-care routines.

    Here are a few tips on what you should do now that the weather is getting cooler:

    1. Exfoliate your skin

      As the weather cools, the humidity in the air lessens and our skin gets drier. Get rid of dry skin by exfoliating the areas with a fine granular scrub, which helps hydrate the skin, brighten it, and even it out. There are many scrubs at your local drugstore or department store you could try.

      Pro tip: don’t forget your lips! Use a sugar scrub with jojoba oil, coconut oil, or almond oil to remove dry skin from chapped lips before using a natural lip balm to keep them hydrated and protected.

    2. Use an electronic foot file

      We tend to neglect our feet in the Fall and Winter when sandals are no longer the norm.

      Regular use of an electronic foot file, like the one you can buy on Amazon, can be a very easy way to scrub off that callous and dead skin to keep your feet looking and feeling smooth.

    3. Moisturize more

      In the summer months, when humidity is at its highest, most people don’t need to wear a heavy moisturizer. However, when the weather cools and the air becomes increasingly dry, our skin produces less oil. A thicker moisturizer that penetrates deeper into the skin may be necessary to keep it supple.

    4. Treat your hands and feet while you sleep

      For dry hands and feet, use a thick moisturizer with natural ingredients and then cover with socks or gloves while you sleep. When you wake up, your hands and feet will be soft as a baby’s bottom.

    2020 has been tough for most of us, some worse than others. If you’re in a difficult place, please keep in mind that life is constantly changing. Things will get better, and hopefully soon. Hang in there and try to enjoy the small pleasures as much as you can. Hope for the best as tomorrow will certainly be better than today.

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