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    20_20 is your year for better health

    20/20 is your year for better health

    It’s not too late to fulfill your health resolutions. Here are some quick tips to get you started in the right direction. 

    # Set Goals

    • BMI <25

    • <35-inch waist circumference

    • <120/80 blood pressure

    • <100 fasting glucose

    • <100 LDL cholesterol

    • Physical activity of 30 mins/day or more

    • Skin care


    # Morning Routine:

    • Wake up at the same time every day 

    • Start your morning with a two minute meditation, stretch and sun salutation

    • Cardio routine for 15 minutes

    • Use 2 drops of MCT oil to your morning coffee or tea to kickstart your metabolism 


    # Sleep, Destress and Connect:

    • No caffeine after 3 pm

    • Replace one text conversation with a phone call once per week 

    • Put your phone down 1 hour before bed

    • Begin and end your day with meditation


    # How to Eat:

    • Intermittent fast from 7pm-11am every day. Break your fast at 11am

    • Beans, greens, and protein at brunch and dinner (½ cup of beans; 1 cup greens,
    1 palm protein)

    • Add 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar to lunch or dinner

    • No added sugars

    • Snack on low-carb snacks 

    • Eat frozen blueberries for dessert

    • Do a liquid diet for a whole day, once every two weeks, for cleansing your


    # Stay organized:

    • Weekly meal plan

    • Shopping list

    • Go-to snack list


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